Livia Lazzari - Voodoo Jewels
Voodoo Jewels was created in Rome in 2002 featuring the creative flair of Founder Livia Lazzari. From the beginning, the idea to free the jewels from a classic interpretations of precious objects while using noble and valuable materials, gave the jewellery a new, contemporary and rebellious character, the preciousness created through artisanal craftsmanship. The brand is constantly evolving and, if at the beginning of the creative path nature’s relationship with humanity was the cornerstone of the brand's vision, today the main focus of the jewellery line emphasises  the relationship that women have with themselves; with her own body, identity and society. In tribal cultures, voodoo objects are invested with magical qualities, they are the link between the human dimension and the spirits of nature. In the same way, Voodoo Jewels creations are able to put the woman's body in contact with her inner self trying to feed love towards oneself, accept and love those characteristics that could be considered defects but, on the contrary, make us unique and different. Voodoo Jewels is not just a jewelry brand, but a real expression of love for oneself. Each jewel created by Livia encompasses a complex but articulated world. Handmade by a team of Roman artisans, Voodoo Jewels creations are all made to order: unique and unrepeatable, with strength and magical character. The commitment to zero-kilometer production is dictated by a desire to reduce environmental impact of emissions as much as possible, by the need to support the fabric of small businesses, all in order to ensure the highest quality.


The extreme materiality of the object is linked both to the desire to reproduce the natural
surfaces, and the need to communicate a sense of authentic artistry. The full production of Voodoo Jewels jewelry is handmade by Livia Lazzari in collaboration with some Roman goldsmith masters. It’s a km zero production that involves only local realities. A choice dictated by the need to support the net of small businesses, both to ensure a very high quality. Every jewel is an exclusive tale of a complex and articulated world. Each jewel, as handcrafted, is a unique and unrepeatable object gifted with strength and magic. So rare to become precious. Voodoo Jewels has been selected by Not Just a Label among the 100 designer of “Origin, passion and beliefs” and it’s part of “A-Z, Il nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana” exhibition which taked place at La Triennale di Milano,
is part of “Gioielli alla Moda” an exhibition at Palazzo Reale curated by Alba Cappellieri and is part of “Lazio creativo”, a volume dedicated to 100 succesful brand from Rome.
Livia Lazzari - Voodoo Jewels