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In nature, females often play a predominant role. But one in particular in the common imagination identifies the dominating spirit of women: the praying mantis. She is able to fascinate and seduce, to the point of inspiring fear and respect. Seductive ability and bearing, a strong sensuality that inspired Mantide, the capsule collection born from the collaboration between the jewelry brand Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari and Absidem, the line of accessories inspired by the bondage culture of Francesca Carlotta Castiglioni. The clean and modern geometries of the Milanese designer's chokers, designed to emphasize feminine shapes, are enriched with the material and organic shapes of the Roman designer's jewels. A refined provocation, with leather that binds to gilded bronze.

Voodoo Jewels - We are Lovers
Voodoo Jewels - Mantide
Voodoo Jewels - Mantide

Two strong and well-defined reference worlds, distinct to the point of seeming contrasting, but which find their meeting point in the common intention of representing a new female figure, a strong and independent woman in the search for her personal pleasure.

Voodoo Jewels - Mantide